Home, as you might already know, is the Finnish word for mould. For a site like this, it is quite a befitting word to feature on the front page for multiple reason; as you’ll notice, the content here tends to be of the kind which perhaps isn’t very interesting to too many people, but rather something slighly suspicious, the same way an old, tattered book with a cloud of musty smell surrounding it might be an item not everyone would want to touch. Also, I have a tendency to fail at updating any blogs regularly – so, besides being obscure, this site might also feel rather abandoned at times, to an extent where some kind of moulding could very reasonable be assumed to have begun happening. You have been warned.

With this cheerful note, it is time to introduce what this site has to offer!

Here you’ll find…

A Blog

A personal blog consisting of whatever happens to be on my mind at the time.

My Creative Writings

Or rather, my writings about my creative writings.

A Collection of Curiosities

Some chosen items from my collection of oddities.

And, of course, yours truly – a perpetual night owl, an overly pathetic melancholic, and a suspiciously cadaverous individual –


(or Elm for short)