About Me

I am Macabrelm, or Elm for short. Also known as Lauri in certain planes of existance (the ones where I have to pay bills and take out the trash).

I’m an aspiring writer and an English major at Tampere University, currently trying to achieve a balance between these two beloved interests of mine, so that I could focus on both of them with equal effort. If only there were more than 24 hours in a day…

Macabrelm’s Brain Fluids is a personal blog, focusing on whatever happens to interest (or haunt) my mind at a given time.


antique photography / balcony gardening / creative writing / fairy tales / folklore / history / languages / literature / obscure words / nature


aimless wandering / autumn / books / cats / cellos / classical music / corvids / fountain pens / magical realism / night-time / owls / silence / solitude / the sound of rain / speculative fiction / succulents / tea / thinking / tragedies